Can Anything Be Done To Change Someone's Sentence?

Can Anything Be Done To Change Someone's Sentence?

When a criminal defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty, they are then sentenced by a judge, usually in a sentencing hearing. Family members and friends of someone convicted of a crime often don’t know what to do after sentencing if they are confused or concerned about the sentence. The attorneys at the Revill Law Firm are experienced with sentencing proceedings all across the state, and can help you and your loved ones understand any and all options open to you following a sentencing.

When Can a Judge Reconsider a Sentence?

Under Alabama law, there are certain ways that the circuit court can reconsider the sentence that was initially given in a case. One of these ways is a “Motion to Reconsider”, which can make a big difference in a defendant’s case.

There are two ways that a circuit court can reconsider a person’s sentence.

  1. The court can reconsider a sentence is if a Motion to Reconsider is filed within 30-days of sentencing.
  2. After the 30-days, for the most part, only those individuals who are sentenced to a split sentence can have the judge reconsider their sentence.

Alabama Split Sentence Act

According to Alabama Code § 15-18-8, the Alabama Split Sentence Act allows judges to split a criminal defendant's sentence with jail time followed by probation. A split sentence is one where the court sentences someone to a term of years that is suspended for a person to serve a certain amount of time. Given good behavior and other factors, the Court can choose to suspend part of the split sentence and release the person earlier on probation.

The Revill Law Firm has experience in representing people in these motions across the State of Alabama, Jefferson County, and Birmingham. We understand that these processes can often feel intimidating or impossible, but our attorneys have the compassion, knowledge, and experience to help. If you or a loved one has been sentenced and wonder what can be done, contact the Revill Law Firm to and speak to one of our attorneys today.

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