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Was your money or property taken by the police? We can help fight to get it back!

Civil Asset Forfeiture is a legal avenue authorities use to take your money to supplement their budget. You do not have to be arrested to have your money or property taken from you. It takes a highly experienced and qualified attorney to navigate the complex system for recovering seized money or property.

Call us today to start fighting back. At Revill Law Firm we are passionate about protecting the rights and freedoms of our clients. Whether you’re facing a complex legal situation or a straightforward issue, our experienced Birmingham criminal attorneys can help.

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What is a Forfeiture?

A forfeiture is a civil action where authorities can take your money or property if they can show it was used as part of criminal activity or was a proceed of criminal activity. There does not have to be an arrest and the burden for showing the property should be seized is different than proving guilt in a criminal case. This means it is easier to take your money than it is to prove a criminal case against you.

On top of that, a significant portion, if not the entirety, of what is seized is given to the authorities that seized the money. This means that police are incentivized into seizing as much money as possible. This often results in improper traffic stops that are essentially nothing more than shakedowns. Don’t be a victim!

What do I do if My Money or Property is Taken?

Do not say anything, do not sign anything, and call an attorney immediately. The police may try to get you to sign something that waives your right to fight to get the money or property back. The police have a specific process they must follow to get a court order to take your money or property. Get an attorney involved immediately so the police have a harder time seizing what is yours.

A Birmingham Criminal Lawyer You Can Trust

At Revill Law Firm, we understand how important the civil forfeiture and condemnation process is and our legal team is prepared to do everything in our power to protect your rights. Not only are we available by phone 24/7, our firm also offers free consultations for all prospective clients.

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