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How to Fix Incorrect Jail Credit
How to Fix Incorrect Jail Credit

With over 26,000 inmates housed in jails and prisons across Alabama, there will be errors or oversights in inmate records and documentation of their time served. If you or someone you know believe that a person’s jail credit may be incorrect, the attorneys at the Revill Law ...

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  • Christmas & Child Custody: Encountering Your First Holidays After Divorce

    The Christmas and holiday season is something we all look forward to as a time we can see family, sometimes bringing people together across long ...

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  • Can Anything Be Done To Change Someone's Sentence?

    When a criminal defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty, they are then sentenced by a judge, usually in a sentencing hearing. Family members and ...

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  • How Can I Remove Charges From My Record?

    Have you or a family member ever struggled with criminal charges on your arrest record, even if those charges were dropped or you were never ...

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    Accusations of fraud or theft are very common in Alabama. Our Birmingham criminal attorneys regularly represent clients in all manner of crimes ...

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  • The Right to "Stand Your Ground" in Alabama

    Under Alabama law, you may use physical force against another person in order to defend, not only yourself, but also to defend a third person, from ...

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  • Motion to Run Sentences Concurrent

    Motion to Run Sentences Concurrent A convicted Defendant or a Defendant who has pleaded guilty and has multiple charges that they are being sentenced ...

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  • Parole Hearings and Applications

    Parole Hearings and Applications In the State of Alabama, the decision to release someone from jail early is done by the Alabama Board of Pardons and ...

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  • Birmingham Criminally Negligent Homicide Attorney

    Birmingham Criminally Negligent Homicide Attorney When one person kills another, but does so negligently, rather than recklessly or intentionally, ...

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  • Immigration Visas

    Immigration Visas A visa is a document that gives permission to a citizen from another country permission to temporarily stay for a limited period of ...

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