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Pardons and Paroles

Birmingham Pardon and Parole Lawyer

In Alabama, the Board of Pardons and Paroles makes decisions regarding whether to release someone from jail and when that will occur. The board has a lot of discretion in deciding if and when to release individuals on parole or whether to accept an application for pardon.

After spending five years in the Alabama Department of Corrections, a person’s attorney can apply for early parole consideration on their behalf. If the person in jail has medical conditions, they may be permitted to apply even earlier. The applicant and lawyer will then appear at a Parole hearing to make their case.

An experienced and winsome attorney can help make convincing arguments to the board and help secure a favorable outcome for you. Even if you are denied parole, you may keep trying again 18 months after each hearing.

If you or your loved one are seeking relief, turn to the experienced parole lawyers at the Revill Law Firm.


In addition to parole requests, the Board of Pardons and Paroles handles applications for pardon. Receiving a pardon means you will be forgiven the crime you were convicted of, and be freed from any remaining consequences involved in your sentence.

You are eligible to apply for pardon if:

  • You have completed your sentence time (if it was three years or less)
  • You have completed three consecutive years of parole
  • You have completed a probationary period, if you were placed on probation

The Board is most likely to pardon individuals who were convicted long ago, whose crimes were not very severe, and individuals who demonstrate good character. The Revill Law Firm has extensive experience handling parole applications and hearings, and providing skilled representation during hearings.

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