How to Remove Charges From Your Record?

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Certain criminal charges in certain situations can be taken off your record, or “expunged” so that they no longer appear on background checks or in court databases. Even though Alabama has a process for Expungements, it can be difficult to figure out if your specific charges or situation qualifies.

How to Get a Charge Off Your Record

In Alabama, if your situation meets the requirements necessary to expunge your records, you will need to fill out a court form called "Petition to Clear Record" and "Order to Clear Record". Take the latter form to your hearing. If the judge agrees to clear your records, they will need to sign the order.

If you or a family member struggle with criminal charges on your arrest record, even if those charges were dropped or you were never convicted turn to the Revill Law Firm. We regularly represent people who have struggled, sometimes for years, with a criminal history hanging over their head when they may be eligible to have those charges removed, or expunged, from their record.

What are the Qualifications for Expungement

In order to be eligible for an Expungement, you must:

  • Be charged in one of the following circumstances:
    • A misdemeanor
    • A “non-violent” felony (as defined in Alabama law)
    • An ordinance violation
    • Possession of Marijuana 1st or 2nd
    • DUI
    • Possession of a Controlled Substance
    • Domestic Violence 3rd (Misdemeanor)
  • Have one of the following outcomes:
    • Your charges are dismissed (dismissed with or without prejudice, or nol prossed)
    • Your charges are dismissed due to deferred prosecution program (drug court, mental health court, veteran’s court, etc.)
    • You are acquitted (you are found not guilty)
    • You are charged with "No Bill" by a grand jury

Even if you think you know whether or not you qualify for an Expungement, it is always a good idea to talk to an experienced attorney to make sure. The process can be complicated to prepare, as there are multiple organizations that have to be contacted and sent records, many deadlines to keep track of, and a lot of paperwork to process through. Finding and retaining an attorney can be a huge asset in the process and can greatly increase your likelihood of success.

At the Revill Law Firm, we know how hard it can be to move forward in your life with things like this weighing you down. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of Expungements and can answer your questions, help walk you through the process, represent you at a hearing if one is required, and can make sure that all the steps are followed, and requirements are met so that it’s done as quickly as possible so that you and your family can move forward. Please call us today to see if one of our qualified & compassionate attorneys can help you or someone you care about with an Expungement.

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