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Defending Against Identity Theft Charges in Alabama

Identity theft is a serious crime that can cause a great deal of damage to your reputation and finances. At Revill Law Firm, our Birmingham identity theft attorney will fight aggressively to safeguard your rights and future. We will investigate your case to determine who committed the crime and help you seek the best possible resolution.

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What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft involves the unauthorized use of another person's personal information, such as their name, Social Security number, financial accounts, or credit card details, with the intent to commit fraud or other illegal activities. This crime can take various forms, including:

  • Credit Card Fraud: Unauthorized use of another person's credit card information to complete fraudulent purchases or withdrawals.
  • Tax Fraud: Filing fraudulent tax returns using another individual's information to claim refunds or avoid paying taxes.
  • Social Security Number Theft: Illegally obtaining and using someone's Social Security number to commit fraud, like opening bank accounts or applying for loans.
  • Healthcare Fraud: Using another person's identity to obtain medical services, prescription drugs, or health insurance benefits.
  • Online Identity Theft: Creating fake online profiles or hacking into online accounts to impersonate another person or commit cybercrimes.
  • Driver's License Fraud: Forging or using someone else's driver's license or state identification card.

What are the Penalties for Identity Theft in Alabama?

Identity theft is taken seriously under Alabama law, and individuals convicted of this offense can face significant penalties, including fines, probation, and imprisonment. The specific penalties for identity theft in Alabama may vary depending on the circumstances of the case, such as the extent of the fraud, the number of victims involved, and any prior criminal history.

Penalties for identity theft can include:

  • Felony Charges: Identity theft is generally treated as a felony in Alabama, and the severity of the charge may depend on the value of the fraudulent activity, with higher values resulting in more severe penalties.
  • Fines: Individuals convicted of identity theft may be required to pay fines, ranging from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the case.
  • Imprisonment: Depending on the circumstances, individuals convicted of identity theft can face imprisonment ranging from a few months to several years.
  • Restitution: Courts may order the convicted individual to pay restitution to the victim to cover financial losses resulting from the identity theft.

Defenses Against Identity Theft Charges

Some common defenses against identity theft charges may include:

  • Lack of Intent: If you can provide proof that you did not have the intention to commit identity theft and were unaware that the information you used was stolen, it may be a viable defense.
  • Mistaken Identity: Demonstrating that you were wrongly identified as the perpetrator of identity theft can be a powerful defense.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Challenging the evidence against you, including the accuracy and reliability of witness testimonies or documents, can be a critical defense strategy.
  • Consent: If you had the victim's consent to use their information or were authorized to use it, this could be a valid defense.
  • Constitutional Violations: If your rights had been violated during the investigation or arrest, this can be a strong defense.

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