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Defense Strategies For Drug Possession
Defense Strategies For Drug Possession

Fight Back Against the Charges If you face drug possession charges in Alabama, you must take the charge very seriously. Drug possession is generally a felony offense in Alabama and can carry severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines of up to $15,000 per offense. ...

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  • Munford Man Acquitted of Murder Charges

    John William Hoover Jr. was found dead on the morning of June 22, 2004, after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. The attorney general’s Violent ...

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  • 5 Things to Remember if Your Child Gets Arrested

    In 2016 alone, there were over 9,000 arrests of children 18 years of age or younger in Alabama 1 . There is a perception that any offenses committed ...

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  • How to Fix Incorrect Jail Credit

    With over 26,000 inmates housed in jails and prisons across Alabama, there will be errors or oversights in inmate records and documentation of their ...

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  • Can Anything Be Done To Change Someone's Sentence?

    When a criminal defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty, they are then sentenced by a judge, usually in a sentencing hearing. Family members and ...

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  • How to Remove Charges From Your Record?

    Certain criminal charges in certain situations can be taken off your record, or “expunged” so that they no longer appear on background checks or in ...

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  • What to Do If You Have Been Accused of a Property Crime

    What Are Property Crimes? "Property crime" is a term used to describe a number of crimes relating to the theft or destruction of another person's ...

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  • The Right to "Stand Your Ground" in Alabama

    Alabama Stand Your Ground Law Under Alabama law, you may use physical force against another person in order to defend, not only yourself, but also to ...

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  • Motion to Run Sentences Concurrent

    Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentencing A convicted Defendant or a Defendant who has pleaded guilty and is being sentenced under multiple charges can ...

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