How to Fix Incorrect Jail Credit

How to Fix Incorrect Jail Credit

With over 26,000 inmates housed in jails and prisons across Alabama, there will be errors or oversights in inmate records and documentation of their time served. If you or someone you know believe that a person’s jail credit may be incorrect, the attorneys at the Revill Law Firm have the experience and expertise to help.

In the State of Alabama, there are very specific ways that an individual can correct the jail time that they served before they are sentenced for a crime. The most common is through a “Petition for Habeas Corpus”, which is filed in a State circuit court. This can be a complicated process and the required paperwork to prove that you are owed additional jail time can be difficult to obtain or correctly file without an attorney.

The process for correcting jail credit through a Habeas Corpus is found in Alabama Code Title 15, Chapter 21. That chapter describes how and where to properly file a habeas petition so that the circuit court can order the clerk and/or Alabama Department of Corrections to correct the jail credit. Correcting this jail credit can help ensure that an individual does not serve longer than is required, and it can help with parole hearings.

If you or a loved one have been given an incorrect amount of jail credit, contact the Revill Law Firm to speak to an attorney who can represent you in getting that credit corrected. Our Firm has years of experience that provides us with the knowledge and expertise needed to represent you or your loved ones in a habeas petition and have jail credit corrected.

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