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Immigration Visas

Immigration Visas

Immigration Visas

A visa is a document that gives permission to a citizen from another country permission to temporarily stay for a limited period of time. Generally, the type of visa that is issued is determined by the reason for travelling to the United States, and the type of visa is given an alpha numeric code, such as “A” or “K-1”. There are several different types of visas, but there is a rigorous application process for each type. Below is a nonexhaustive list of some of the most common visa types.

  • A – Visas for diplomats and foreign officials
  • B-1 – A business visitor, professional, athlete, or employee/nanny accompanying a foreign national employer
  • B-2 – Visitor for purposes of tourism, pleasure, vacation, or medical treatment
  • BCC – A border crossing card for Mexico
  • F-1 – Student visa
  • F-2 – Dependent of F-1 visa holder
  • H-1B & H-2A or 2B – A class of visas specifically for highly specialized labor. This is a common work visa but an attorney must be consulted for further information
  • I – Media
  • J – Exchange visitors
  • J-1&2 – Exchange visitors au pairs, children or spouse of J-1 visa holder
  • K-1 – Fiancé visa
  • R – Religious worker

There are other visa types, but the listed visas are among the most common. To apply for a visa, consult an attorney before proceeding forwarded. There are several steps that each applicant must take, several documents that are needed, and each application is scrutinized, so a single typo may disqualify the entire application. Generally speaking, there is no way to precisely determine how the visa application process will take but somewhere between six and eighteen months is normal. Depending on the visa type, the application process may be longer, like for K-1 or H1/2 visas. The Revill Law Firm is experienced in handling visa applications and navigating the pitfalls that are inherent to the application process. Call us today for help with your application today.

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