When Are Juveniles Charged As Adults?

Juvenile in handcuffs

The issue of juvenile offenders being charged as adults is a sensitive and complicated one. Certain acts are deemed heinous enough to warrant severe consequences, even if the offender is a minor. However, the decision to charge a juvenile as an adult is not taken lightly. In this post, we will explore the different factors that may lead to a juvenile being charged as an adult and who makes the final decision.

Factors That Lead to Juveniles Being Charged as Adults

Severity of the Crime

The first factor that may lead to a juvenile being charged as an adult is the severity of the crime. Crimes such as murder, rape, and armed robbery are generally considered to be serious enough to warrant adult charges, even if the offender is a minor. The second factor that often comes into play is the age of the offender. In some cases, an older juvenile may be charged as an adult because they are deemed to be past the age of reform.

Past Criminal History

Another important factor that may influence the decision is the offender's past criminal history. If the juvenile has a history of committing serious crimes, then the prosecution may argue that they should be charged as an adult. The prosecution may also argue that the juvenile is likely to re-offend if they are not held accountable with adult charges.

Who Decides If A Juvenile Will Be Charged as An Adult?

The decision to charge a juvenile as an adult is not made by the prosecution alone. Usually, a judge or a grand jury will make the final decision based on the evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense. The defense will also have an opportunity to argue for why the juvenile should not be charged as an adult, presenting any mitigating circumstances that may reduce the severity of the crime.

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