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DUI charges are a serious matter and pack stiff penalties, even for first-time offenders, and its presence on your record can continue to haunt you long after you have paid your dues to society. This is why it is critical that you higher skilled legal representation as soon as possible. At Revill Law Firm, our highly experienced DUI defense attorneys in Birmingham, AL have handled a vast range of criminal cases and know what it takes to develop an effective strategy of defense that will secure the best possible results for your case.

Regardless of the circumstances and details of your case, you can be confident in our firm’s ability to provide the services you need and the answers you seek.

DUI Penalties in Alabama

Depending on how many DUI offenses you have on your record, the penalties for a DUI can vary:

  • First offense: First-time offenders will not face any jail time However, you will have to pay a fine between $600 and $2,100 and have your license suspended for 90 days.
  • Second offense: If this is your second DUI offense, you could potentially spend 5 days in jail, pay a fine between $1,100 and $5,100, and have your license suspended for a year.
  • Third offense: For a third DUI offense, you could spend up to 60 days in jail, pay a fine between $2,100 and $10,000, and have your license suspended for 3 years.
  • Fourth and subsequent offenses: A fourth DUI offense will result in up to a year-long jail sentence, a fine between $4,100 and $10,100, and a 5-year license suspension.
  • Furthermore, with a DUI on your record, you can expect rate hikes on your car insurance that can last for years.

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Defenses to DUI Charges

Just because you were arrested for a DUI charge does not mean you are automatically guilty or that the police officer effectively collected evidence against you. For example, breathalyzer test results are not always accurate and, in fact, a lot can go wrong with these fickle machines.

If the officer administered it incorrectly, failed to calibrate it, or if you have certain health conditions, these can all have an impact on the breathalyzer’s results. After all, it is a machine and machines are not infallible. To begin building a strong defense, however, you need to involve a Birmingham DUI attorney in your case as early on as possible.

DUI Attorney in Birmingham

If you are currently facing DUI charges in Alabama, the Birmingham, AL criminal defense team at Revill Law Firm is here to provide the effective representation you need to protect your rights and your future. We take our time with every case we take on to ensure we are utilizing the best possible strategy for your defense. Reach out to us today to get started on your case!

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