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Family Law Appeals

When the court makes a decision that you believe was not in your best interests or the best interests of your child, you may feel defeated and worried for the future. However, with the help of a Birmingham family law appellate lawyer, you can contest the court’s decision and fight for a better outcome. The Revill Law Firm handles family law appeals related to spousal support, child custody and support, property division in a divorce, and more.

Child Custody and Support

In Alabama, parents have 14 days after a court decision regarding custody or support to make an appeal. The trial court judge has wide discretion when making decisions about custody and child support. Regarding custody decisions, the judge will evaluate each parents’ ability to provide a stable environment for the child as well as their treatment of and relationship with the child.

When it comes to child support, they will look at each parents’ income and expenses and take into consideration each parent’s visitation rights. Unfortunately, however, judges have been known to make rash decisions or base their conclusions on false assumptions. When making an appeal, you will need an attorney’s help to demonstrate that a judge ignored or missed crucial facts or that the judge made a decision based on assumptions that were not supported by evidence.

Our family law appellate lawyers in Birmingham will thoroughly investigate your case and gather the necessary resources and evidence to make a compelling case before the judge. If the Court of Appeals rules in your favor, a modification will be made to the existing custody or support ruling.


Divorcees in Alabama have 42 days after the family court’s final order to make an appeal regarding the judge’s decision. Child custody and support issues are common disputes during a divorce, but it is also common to appeal a decision regarding alimony or property division. If you believe you are being asked to pay your former spouse too much in alimony, or if you believe your former spouse is not providing enough support, this may be a reason to file an appeal. Alternatively, you may believe that the judge made an unfair decision regarding how your assets or property was divided.

If you and your spouse are in agreement regarding the appeal, you can jointly submit an Amended Settlement Agreement to the judge, who may then enact the modification requested. If you do not agree, one spouse may submit a Petition to Modify and attend a hearing to make their plea. Either way, it is vital that you have an experienced Birmingham family law attorney on your side to provide seasoned legal guidance and help promote your best interests.

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