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Civil Law Appeals

Civil Law Appellate Lawyers in Birmingham

Civil Law refers to a range of legal matters that do not involve criminal offenses. These include personal injury cases, property law, contact law, and family law. If the courts made a decision in any of these matters that was not in your favor or that you believe was unjust, our civil law appellate lawyers in Birmingham can help you make an appeal and have the decision overturned or modified. Our highly-rated team of Birmingham appellate lawyers can assist you in making an appeal effectively and help you navigate each step.

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If someone won a case against you, or if you believe a negligent party was not brought to justice, you can file an appeal to try to reverse the judge’s decision. You will need to present to the Court of Civil Appeals evidence and arguments in your favor, whether you believe the judge disregarded this evidence earlier or if it was missing at the time of trial.

You may pursue an appeal if you were accused of negligence or wrongdoing and the plaintiff won a case against you. On the flip side, if you were injured due to someone else’s negligent actions, and the judge failed to acknowledge their liability and responsibility, you do not need to let the story end there. Sometimes judges make mistakes or did not have all the necessary evidence earlier, which is why the law allows for appeals.

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