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Birmingham Appellate Lawyers

If a judge has ruled against you in a criminal, family law, or civil case, you do not need to lose hope. Alabama law allows you to make an appeal and request that the decision be overturned or changed. If you are contesting a conviction, you will make an appeal before the Criminal Appeals Court, while family law and civil appeals are considered at The Court of Civil Appeals.

With the help of a skilled appellate lawyer from our firm, you can make a compelling argument to the courts for why a decision should be changed. Our Birmingham appeals lawyers know how to create effective strategies to persuade the court to reconsider what has been determined.

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Criminal Appeals

You may contest a conviction of a felony, misdemeanor, or local ordinance violation. During the hearing, you and your attorney will make a case for why the conviction was an unjust decision, citing things like new evidence, disregarded evidence, or mishandling of evidence. There will also be an appellee present, who will defend the court’s decision and combat your arguments. If you do not succeed, you can take further action by bringing the appeal to the Supreme Court of Alabama.

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If a judge ruled against you, fight for justice and make an appeal against the unfair decision. The Birmingham appellate lawyers at the Revill Law Firm are highly-rated advocates with the experience you need to secure a favorable outcome in your appeal.

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